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Fun Yum

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Cotton Candy

Vintage looking machine comes with everything you need for 50 servings. Easy to use and a great fun for kids and adults.

Popcorn Machine

POPCORN Popcorn popcorn!!! This machine comes on a cart with easy to use packets of movie theater popcorn and the popcorn bags. Enough product for 50 servings.

Margarita/Slushee Machine

Take the work out of having a party! Rent this duel tub Margarita or Slushee machine. It comes with the cups, straws and 2 batches of mix excluding the alcohol. Great for events with large number of guests!

Snow Cone Machine

Cool off with sno cones for everyone. This machine is super easy to use and is delivered on the cart with cone cups and a variety pack of 6 bottles of flavor. Enough product for a minimum of 50 cones but we don’t provide the ice (20 pound bag of ice yields about 40 cones).

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